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Spain is the kingdom of Tempranillo! Thick skin gives this grape deep color and rich tannins. Tempranillo is the backbone of the blends of Rioja. With flavors of spice, leather, tobacco leaves, and sometimes strawberry, this variety is both austere and complex. No wonder it is finding its niche with the American public.
Tempranillo ~ Red Varietal Wine $34/bottle
Ruby Magdalena Vineyards Varieties
Our focus is on Spanish varietal grapes. We have very limited plantings, a total of slightly more than an acre, this allows us to tend to the plants ourselves. All of the vineyard operations are handled by the two of us with the exception of harvesting when we gladly accept offers of help from our friends wishing to share in the experience. To help, please give us a call in mid-September.
Garnacha Tinta ~ Rose` Varietal Wine $14/bottle
Known in France as well as in America as Grenache Noir, this Spanish grape is an important variety throughout the world. In blends of the Rioja region of Spain, it contributes alcohol, and fleshes out the blend with an herbaceous and often times strawberry component. This grape really shines when used to produce a dry or off dry rosè as in Provence or the Bandol region of France as well as many Spanish rosès.
Graciano ~ Red Varietal Wine to be released in 2017
This variety has a delicate yet persistent aroma with notes of red fruit, mint, and pepper. It is native to the Rioja region of Spain where it is used as an accent to the other major grapes of the regional blend. Despite the delicacy of its aroma, it can contribute a surprisingly powerful and spicy flavor component. We hope to release a varietal Graciano wine in 2017.
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Orange Muscat ~ La Petirroja Dessert Wine to be released in 2017
Although not Iberian, this variety really shines in the Venito of Italy (where it is known as Moscato Fior d'Arancio) where its floral, orange blossom aromas lend delicacy to their wines. Planted at RMV in 2011, we will see our first small crop in 2015, and release an estate dessert wine in 2018! We are hoping to produce a wine with the complexity of Italy's Vin Santo, a favorite of ours.
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