Did you know that barrels come in a variety of sizes?

Here’s a bit of information that we found from one source

Let’s start with the smallest called a Firkin. This little guy holds a mere 41L (11 gallons) and is traditionally used for dispensing cask ale.

A few sizes up is where the wine barrel called a Barrique or a Burgundy comes in, American oak barrels fall into this size category. These come in two different sizes : 225 liter (59 gallons) and 228 liter (60 gallons).

Then there’s a puncheon. This big guy holds 450 Liters (120 gallons) and is favored today by the rum industry.

And the biggest barrel, called a Tun holds 982 liters (250 gallons) which is one imperial ton of liquid! A tun is used mainly for the fermentation of beer.

We’ll be winding down our month of barrel education and gearing up for a new subject for next month. Do you have something in particular you’d like to learn more about? Let us know in the comments!!!