Spring is officially here: What does that mean for us here in the vineyard?

Soon the vines will start to wake up. They will begin to weep as the sap rises from the roots where it was stored over winter. This years buds will start to get fuzzy as they get ready to swell into larger buds and eventually break open and show off their bright green leaves!

It’s also a pretty dicey time. Frosts and freezing temps can damage the new buds. We have been pretty fortunate in avoiding much damage in the past. We think the ground cover may be helping! Keeping the soil covered prevents it from heating up too quickly from sunlight and ambient air temperatures, therefore delaying the stimulation of the plants growth hormones and keeping things safe and snug.

Soon the vines will start to wake up.
Marty Johnson

The vineyards and orchards that surround us use wine machines and smudge pots and overhead sprinklers to help deter frost damage. Celebrate spring with us with a Three Pack (“One-of-Each”) Special! You can order it through the link in our bio. We can now legally ship to 35 states. Also, to save on shipping costs, you can pick it up here at the vineyard!