Meet Ryan Johnson, Co-Owner

Ryan was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She lived there until graduating high school when she moved to Denver hoping to go to college to become a veterinarian. Things didn’t quite work out for her, and she subsequently returned to SLC a few years later. She purchased her first vehicle when she was 21 and purchased her mother’s house that same year. Always an independent thinker and wise beyond her years.

“When I met Marty, I really had no knowledge of wine, and I didn’t quite care for it. He patiently educated me about the complexities of wine. It took a lot of good wine paired with equally good food for me to learn and acquire a fondness for it. The more that I learn about wine, the more I enjoy it. I am always learning something new!”

“After moving to Washington and planting our own vineyard and garden, I discovered my own love of growing and tending to plants. Over the years (and with guidance from Marty) I have learned how to take care of our vineyard as the seasons progress. It’s something I look forward to every spring. Gardening has also become my passion. There’s just something satisfying about being outside, having your hands in the soil and growing something nutritious for our family. It really is a wonderful feeling to reflect on how awesome mother nature truly is.”