Marty & Ryan Johnson

Marty: What Wine Means to Me:

I believe that contemporary winemakers and grape growers are tasked with carrying on a legacy dating back nearly as far as mankind’s documented history. Over the course of the past 8,000 years, wine has served as currency, as a disinfectant and antiseptic, as a sedative, and as a social lubricant. Wine has been a key factor in conflict and strife, in love and romance, in intrigue and in death. Wine has been shared with workers as payment, shared amongst peers to stimulate thought and discourse, shared between friends and lovers to relax, calm and lower inhibitions, and allegedly shared with Christ as he suffered his crucifixion. As a winemaker and wine grower I feel that it’s my responsibility to produce the best wines that I can and to enjoy sharing them. It has been stated that wine is the most complex fluid on our planet. I believe that this is true not only from a biochemical standpoint, but also from a sociopolitical one as well. I feel humbled by the responsibility inherent in creating and presenting to others the opportunity to experience and to hopefully enjoy my small contribution to this legacy.  – Marty Johnson, Zillah WA, Sept 5, 2013