Why don't we have a tasting room?

Well, there are many things that need to happen to get a physical tasting room up and running.

First of all ya’ gotta have a building. Next, all of the licenses and permits need to be in place. The Federal TTB (Tax and Trade Bureau), State and County Governments need to register the business change, inspect and ensure that public health and safety are protected as well as that pesky tax revenue. There are a lot of steps to complete to meet all of the requirements.

And then there’s the requirements of time and money. We both work full time jobs as well as keeping up on vineyard work, winemaking, and social obligations. Most of our income supports our household and the existing winery/vineyard. Fees and taxes are omnipresent and recordkeeping and inventory tracking is constant.

HOWEVER!…there IS a light at the end of the tunnel! We have an existing building! We are working to replace windows and screens, clean and repair the structure and getting all of the necessary paperwork completed and the hundreds of dollars in application fees paid just to begin the licensing process.

Your amazing support and your wine purchases help us to move forward in our venture to have a physical presence! They give us hope for our brick & mortar tasting venue (using almost 100% reclaimed lumber!). The link in our bio will take you to our wine shop where you can kindly support our efforts and buy yourselves something tasty!